I had pulled a london broil out of the freezer before heading to work this morning without any plans for it.  I just knew that tonight’s dinner was going to be beef.

Somewhere along the line, the idea of a sandwich started formulating… I like sandwiches.  Lots of good stuff between slices of good bread.  And sandwiches can be fun.  You literally can put anything between slices of bread.  Trust me.  I know this.

Tonight’s sandwich started off with a cheese and tomato focaccia.  The focaccia is light and airy and has good flavor, but it’s more subtle and compliments rather than competes with a filling.

I sliced it in half and slathered on the Duke’s mayonnaise, then just a bit of horseradish.  Next went a layer of leeks I had sauteed in butter.  The sweet/savory of the leeks was a perfect compliment to the thinly-sliced steak that went next, along with some salt and freshly-ground pepper.

Thin slices of asiago cheese went atop the beef, and then a layer of roasted yellow peppers and thinly-sliced tomatoes.

And then LOTS of arugula.  Arugula is just so good.  Its crunchy pepper flavor is perfect on sandwiches.  I like it as a salad, cooked as a side dish… but as a green on a sandwich, it really shines.

On went the top, and another sandwich was born.

It was good.

And so was the Pumpkin Pie!