It’s been fun getting creative with what’s in the house and not going shopping!  Tonight was a really simple affair – Swiss Steak with mushrooms and bacon, rice, and peas.

I had three slices of bacon sitting in the ‘fridge from Sunday’s breakfast, a carton of mushrooms, there are always frozen peas in the freezer, and rice is an automatic – as is the flour to make the gravy.  Instant dinner.

In cooking tonight, though, I realized I was a bit too good at clearing things out… Our dog-sitter, Donna, will be here, as will Victor’s mom for a couple of days this weekend.  I have to make sure there’s at least milk, bread, and eggs – as well as some quick meals for Nonna to just heat and eat.  Nonna and Donna.  Cybil the wonder-dog is going to be quite spoiled while we’re away.

Methinks I shall be doing a bit of shopping after work, after all…

Plus…  I plan on cooking Thanksgiving Dinner on the Saturday after… It’s our traditional weekend to decorate for Christmas, so I think turkey in the oven and Christmas Carols on the stereo will be the perfect welcome home for us!