Happy Halloween!

It was a great day, today!  Sunny and warm…  Perfect for an intimate gathering of three million people in Philly to see the World Series Winning Philadelphia Phillies parade down Broad Street.  I couldn’t even begin to imagine being there.  But from the (hours and hours) of TV coverage, it did look as if a good time was being had by all.

A good time was being had by me, as well.  I was home by 3:45pm, and had a tri-tip roast on the grill at 4:45pm.

This was a classic 20  minute dinner.  I put the roast on the grill outside, started a pot of rice, and while both of them were cooking, watched TV coverage of the parade.  A few minutes before they were done, I steamed some broccolini.

Dinner was served.

And then the phone started ringing… more political balderdash… and the doorbell started ringing – which makes the dog go crazy.

So much for my nice, quiet night at home….. 🙁