I’ve had a hankerin’ for baked potatoes for a while, now.  I don’t seem to eat many during the summer months.  They’re certainly easy enough to do on the grill, but…..

So I picked up some potatoes with the sole purpose of stuffing and baking.  I was thinking something creamy, cheese, mushroomy and wouldn’t you know?!?  I had cheese and mushrooms – and ground beef – right in the ‘fridge!

I sauteed a bit of minced onion in a dab of butter and added finely-chopped mushrooms.  After they had cooked and rendered all of their liquid, I added a bit of ground beef – maybe a quarter-pound.  I browned the beef, added a splash of sherry and some salt and pepper, and then stirred in some cotswold cheese.

I cut off the tops of the baked potatoes, and scooped out most of the potato, leaving about a 1/4 inch shell.  I then packed them with the beef and mushroom mixture and into a 400° oven they went.

In the meantime, I sliced up a bit of the flank steak from last night, and reheated a piece of yesterday’s French Bread.  The bread re-heated beautifully!  I was quite pleased.

Out came the potatoes from the oven and a dollop of sour cream finished them off.

Cold flank steak, crusty bread, and stuffed baked potatoes.

Life is good.