Dinner is often cooking that which needs to be cooked.  I don’t plan meals ahead of time – I don’t know on Monday what I’m going to want to eat on Friday – but often on one day or another, I’ll open the fridge or look at the vegetable bin and realize I should do something with something.

Last night was a case in point.

I had sausages I had bought on Sunday that needed cooking.  I had a large sweet potato that was taking up space.  I had rolls.  Dinner concept figured out.

I grilled the sausages, and then addded them to the fried onions and peppers (salt, pepper, and garlic, of course!)

The sweet potatoes were cut into fries with my trusty mandoline and I baked them off in the oven.  Victor then amde a GREAT sauce with mayo, bleu cheese, and honey!  he saw it on one of the many TV cooking shows (Tyler?!?) and it was really good!

Another fun 20 minute dinner!