Makes Stew that’s not plain.  Or something like that…

Tonight’s salute to the Olympics was Spanish Beef Ttew.  I know it was Spanish because that’s what the recipe said.  Had the recipe title not had the word “Spanish” in it, though, i would have been hard-pressed to find the Spanish connection.  Actually, I ate it and had a hard time finding the Spanish connection.  Maybe it was the 1/4 cup of olives the recipe called for.

I mean – it was really good… Nice, rich gravy, tender chunks of beef… but… not Spanish.

Because the recipe didn’t call for potatoes, or noodles, or anything, I boild a couple of potatoes in their skings, and then coarsely mashed them into a skillet with some butter and fried them up.

They went into the bowl, and the stew went on top of that.

It was actually really good.  It just wasn’t quite Spanish…..