Miss Scarlet Snapper, that is…  Scarlet Snapper – close relative to Red and the rest of the snapper family – is found on the other side of the ocean around Indonesia and Thailand.

Tonight’s dinner was sauteed snapper in a bit of olive oil, garlic, and lemon verbena while in the oven went potatoes, corn, and peppers fresh from the garden.  Dayum, it was yummy!

Victor deglazed the pan with some white wine, cooked it down, and then added a bit of butter to make a great sauce to top the fish.  The result was a rich, buttery firm-fleshed fish that had my stomach smiling.

The fresh-from-the-garden peppers were most excellent!  They just have soooooo much flavor!  It’s like the tomatoes we’ve been growing.  You really know you’re eating a tomato – it’s not some almost-red orb that has been grown to withstand transworld shipping at the expense of any sort of flavor.

In the freezer right now is a big ol’ browinie I baked in a springform pan, topped with homemade vanilla ice cream.  (Love that ice cream maker!!!)

I’ve sort of fallen off my Olympics kick, and tomorrow night is the closing ceremony…..  Should I do China or London in honor of 2012?!?  I wish Paris had won the 2012 Olympics – the food definitely would have been easier!  Oh well… decisions, decisions…..