Day Two of the Olympics took us to Itally.  No real plan in mind, but I knew chicken and polenta were going to play a role.  And Victor had made sauce a few days ago, so that was taken care of.

We have a bazillion tomatoes ripening as I type, so tomato definitely had to play a role, as well.


I grilled th chicken.  Onto the plate went a bit of sauce, polenta, the chicken breast on top of that.  Two thick slices of tomato went on top of the chicken, and they were topped by a thick slice of fresh mozzarella.

Under the broiler for just a minute to melt the mozzarella a bit – and one of the plates cracked from the heat!

I looked, said a couple of words that would have made my mother wash my mouth out with soap (yes, my mother really did wash my mouth out with soap – more than once…)

But I digress…

Fortunately, the platte cracked, it didn’t explode or shatter, so there were no teeny-tiny shards of glass to worry about.  I removed the chicken breast with the tomato and cheese (leaving the polenta and sauce for after-dinner cleanup) and replated slightly differently.

The presentation wasn’t quite as dramatic, but it sure did taste good.

The tomatoes this year may just be the best we have grown, yet!