Just got my email that my latest batch of herbs and Spices from Atlantic Spice Company is on its way.  This is a small order – I had one a few weeks ago.  But I needed Oregano.  So – I bought both Mexican and Greek varieties.  Granted, I have the oregano plant out back, (Greek) but I’m going a lot of spice blends and rubs right now – and dried herbs are the only way to fly.

I’ve had both at one time or another – and probably have used more Greek (or at least from the Mediterranean area) most of the time.  But as I shift back and forth amongst various cuisines, I find myself needing (or, at least desiring) both varieties.

I’m really looking forward to trying them side-by-side.  Mexican Oregano is related to verbena and, supposedly a bit stronger than its Mediterranean cousin.  We shall see!

I know that the Saigon Cinnamon is stronger than the cinnamon I had been buying.  OY!  What a fantastic difference!  Saigon cinnamon has a higher oil content than the more common Ceylon.  It’s night-and-day different – and so worth the few extra dollars a pound.

It’s a deep brown color that just screams rich and flavorful.  I like a lot! 🙂