Ready for a heart attack on a homemade bun?  This was definitely one of my better burgers!

Okay… other than the bacon and the blue cheese (and the avocado) it wasn’t really all that bad – I did use 90% lean beef!

Freshly baked buns (I had some leftover dough in the freezer…) beef patty, thick slices of white onion, half an avocado, 3 strips of bacon, sliced tomato, sliced pickles, bleu cheese, and alfalfa sprouts…  Pure heaven.

And…  since I cooked the bacon on a sheet pan in the oven, I put the fries on the same pan and cooked them in the bacon grease.  OMG they were good.

I don’t really eat like this often, but when i decide to be bad – I’m bad!

And that burger was g-o-o-d!