I Love My FoodSaver

I love my FoodSaver! I bought one several months ago because I just hate freezer burn – and I love to buy bulk on sale.

I have to admit it was a bit pricy, but that 20% discount coupon helped. I’ve used it for everything from meats in the freezer to nuts on the shelf. I like it a lot.

So I was shopping and bought a ton of ground beef. If this were winter, it would be made into meatloaf. But this is BBQ time. Time for burgers.

I made up 8 different batches of seasoned and flavored burgers:

  1. Jalapeño: I have a jar of roasted jalapenos in the fridge that is pretty awesome. Added a bit of cumin, S&P.
  2. Asian: There is almost always apricot sauce in the fridge (we make a ton of Aunt Emma’s cookie filling and then use it all year long for all sorts of things.) So – Apricot filling, sambal olek (chili paste) a squirt of fish sauce and a splash of soy sauce.
  3. Moore’s Marinade: The original version from down south.  This really makes for a good burger
  4. Thai: Sriracha sauce and Thai Green Curry powder. Spicy!
  5. Berberé: Ethiopian spices. They pack some heat. Not as good as the homemade berberé that Mewded used to make for me, but it works!
  6. Chimichuri: Okay, chimichuri is supposed to be a marinade, but I love using the spices for other things. Mixed into a burger just seemed like the right thing to do.
  7. Buffalo: Moore’s Buffalo Wing Sauce. Why not?!?
  8. BBQ: Apple Butter BBQ Sauce is just what the Grill-Doctor ordered!

What’s especially good about the burgers is they can be grilled and eaten with any number of breads, buns, or rolls (and I do like any number of breads, buns, or rolls) or they can be grilled and served sans bread with something to accompany.  I also placed parchment between the burgers before vaccuuming.

And now that the freezer is full, I’m making salads for dinner.