Dinner tonight was a snap.  I had picked up some port0bello ravioli at work the other day and decided tonight was the night for ’em.  It’s a bit wet and chilly outside.  Definitely a pasta night!

Set the water on to boil and chopped up 2 shallots, half a green pepper, a handful of mushrooms, and tossed them into a skillet with a bit of garlic and olive oil.  Cooked them down for a few minutes and then added 4 fairly small  yellow and orange tomatoes I had on the counter.  A bit of salt and pepper and a bit of Italian seasoning, and the sauce was ready.

I put the cooked ravioli into the pan with the sauce for a few minutes to finish them off and then onto the plate.  A shredding of fresh parmesan cheese finished it off.

Fresh food in 15 minutes, start to finish.  It doesn’t get any better…