The finishd tray

We had to cut the cookie baking a bit short because of weather, but what we lacked in quantity, we definitely made up for in quality.  Damn, these are some mighty fine cookies!

Victor made Aunt Emma’s filling, but Gino made the dough and rolled them out and put ’em together.  They may flat-out be the best ever.  light, flaky… perfect in every way! Victor and Gino did the bulk of the work – I was at work.  But it’s pretty obvious they didn’t need me around.  The stuff they made was just stupendous.

Victor and Gino making Nonna’s Biscotti

Methinks that next year we’ll get Gino down here for a few days and just let him do ’em all.  I think he’s ready!

Tim and Gino rolling out biscotti