I just read an article in Men’s Health magazine that lists the 20 worst foods in America.  My first thought was “Who eats this junk, anyway?” and then realized I am the abnormal one, here. People eat this stuff every day.  While we just went over the top with our Thanksgiving dinner, that’s not the norm around here.

The worst food in America was determined to be:

Outback Steakhouse Aussie Cheese Fries with Ranch Dressing

  • 2,900 calories
  • 182 g fat
  • 240 g carbs

Not bad for a side dish, eh?  Some of the other ones were pretty interesting, too.

Folks tend to think that ground turkey is much more healthy than ground beef.  Not so.  In the supermarket it can be the same as 85% ground beef, but in a restaurant?

Ruby Tuesday Bella Turkey Burger

  • 1,145 calories
  • 71 g fat
  • 56 g carbs

Or, how about a lovely kid’s meal?

Macaroni Grill Double Macaroni ‘n’ Cheese

  • 1,210 calories
  • 62 g fat
  • 3,450 mg sodium

That’s a kids meal, alright.  And I want dessert, mom.  And a Coke.

And it’s not just dining out.  The worst supermarket meal was:

Pepperidge Farm Roasted Chicken Pot Pie (whole pie)

  • 1,020 calories
  • 64 g fat
  • 86 g carbs

The nutritionals on the label call for it to be two servings.  Sure.  It’s like the can of Coke being two servings, or the premade burrito being three servings.  Anything to confuse the consumer.

You can decry the food industry all you want, but if people weren’t buying this crap, they wouldn’t be making it.  And they wouldn’t be introducing more and more and more of it every day.