Chicken Soup for the Soul

I was at the farmer’s market Wednesday to order my 32+ pound Thanksgiving Turkey, and picked up a stewing hen while I was there.  There is just nothing more flavorful than soup or stew made with a stewing hen.

Into the pot the bird went with carrots, celery, onions, garlic, bay leaves, and about 3/4 bottle of white wine I’ve been using for cooking.  I simmered it all day Wednesday and Wednesday evening, strained the broth and removed the chicken.  After cooling, they both went into the ‘fridge.

Yesterday afternoon, the fun began – clean out the ‘fridge!  The broth went into the pot along with celery, carrots, fresh peas, green beans, 2 different leftover cooked brown rices, chopped up mustard greens, and a bag of tortolini – and a goodly amount of chicken. (There’s at least one – if not two – other meals from the chicken!)

It was sooooo good!  Really rich, chicken flavor and lots of good vegetables.  I almost licked the bowl.  And the garlic bread was the perfect accompaniment.

Garlic Bread