It was cold today – at least this west coast blood thought it was cold today – and cold means soup at my house!

I had cooked a small turkey breast on Thursday, and with plenty of meat and a carcass, I set to work.

Soups are generally ‘clean out the refrigerator’ meals, and today’s soup was no exception.  Into the pot went the stripped carcass, broth, an onion, some questionable celery, a slightly dried half-head of garlic and a bit of S&P.  I boiled and then simmered the stock for a couple of hours and then drained it all.  I salvaged whatever turkey meat I could, and then the broth went back into the pot.

Into the pot went the leftover gravy from Thursday night, along with the elbow macaroni and gravy Victor concocted Friday when I was at work.  I chopped up the rest of the celery, carrots, and then added a melange of partial bags of frozen vegetables that were just taking up space in the freezer – and not enough of any one of them for a meal.

A half a loaf of a crusty whole wheat batard finished off the meal – and finished me off, as well!

Start-to-finish a couple of hours.  Actual work time was less than 15 minutes.  AND we not only had a great dinner, we now have a clean ‘fridge, to boot!