I worked up an appetite today!  I actually went to the gym.  Yes.  Me.  A gym.  Not only did I go to a gym, I saw a personal trainer.  Yes.  Me.  A gym AND a personal trainer.

I just quit smoking and decided I just didn’t want to gain 60 pounds – again.  I’ve lost 35 pounds this past year just by watching what I eat, making better choices -and smaller portions.  I haven’t done any excersize.  None. Nadda. Zip.

The way I like food, I’m going to balloon if I don’t do something drastic – and for me, there’s nothing more drastic than walking into a gym.  Until three days ago, I had never been in one in my life!  Oh…  I’ve done my share of luxury hotels with their health spas.  I head directly to the massage table and then to the steam room and sauna.

Times have changed.

So I’m starting a regimine that should start to get this old out-of shape body back into shape.  And I hate to admit it, but I felt good after leaving today!  Granted, this was only session one of the program – the easiest – I’m looking froward to going back for more.

But all the working out in the world will be for naught if I don’t eat better.

Tonight’s better choice was Chicken with Pomegranate Sauce. (Better doesn’t have to be boring!)

I took two huge chicken breasts and cut them in half, pounded a bit and dredged in seasoned flour (King Arthur White Whole Wheat.)  I browned the chicken in a bit of olive oil and removed it from the pan.  I added a cup of chicken broth and a couple of tablespoons of sherry and then about a cup of pomegranate seeds. A bit of S&P.

I cooked it down a bit and then added the chicken back to the pan to finish cooking and to help thicken the sauce a bit.

Meanwhile, I cooked up wild rice and steamed a big bunch of broccoli.

I was a good boy and didn’t clean my plate! (But I sure wanted to!)  I had to leave room for dessert! (Baked Apples!!!)