Salads. ya gotta love ’em. Greens mixed with whatever… Just lots of fresh produce put on a plate. As Tony the Tiger said… “They’re Grrrrrreat!”

I put a small piece of London broil on the grill and proceeded to overcook it a bit. We were out front gossiping with our new neighbors – much more fun than standing over the grill!

But the salad was great, nonetheless. The plates were a Goodwill find many years ago right after we bought our home in San Leandro, CA. Victor went away for three days on a business trip, and when he came back, I had put a table in the back yard, painted each of the four chairs the same colors as the plates… Matching tablecloth. It was so festive and gay… What was I thinking?!?

But the plates are fun – and they do remind me of summers past. And I think I paid 25 cents a piece for them.

What a deal!