We have an annual tradition at our house. Every Easter Saturday, Victor’s family arrives en masse and we 1) eat pizza and 2) color Easter Eggs. In that order (tradition, ya know…) This year was no exception – except for the egg-stravagant egg coloring-and-decorating kits this year!

Remember back in the days when Paas Coloring Kits consisted of a couple of dye tablets and a wire dipping tool? Times have changed. First off, I couldn’t even find plain ol’ dye kits at the local grocery store. Everything is theme kits nowadays. I guess that ol’ wax crayon just doesn’t cut it for kids of today.

One thing I did notice at the store this year was a decorate your own Peeps kit. Four white Peeps with a tube of coloring gel. I must admit that I cannot abide Peeps. I’ve never cared for that marshmallow-ish sweet whateveritis confection. But… we were having kids over. I bought two packs – along with two tie-dyed kits and two sparkle kits.

The family arrived with even more coloring kits! There was even one from Williams-Sonoma that had to cost a fortune. We used to just punch out the holes on the back of the box. Now there are special drying mechanisms. Progress, I guess… And the Peeps were just as I expected – nasty. But with a couple of cans of spray food coloring and some decorating gel, they at least looked fun!

We decorated about 4 dozen eggs. Dots, glitter, sequins and feathers – and at least one that was dipped in every color and came out a lovely mud brown – another tradition, of course! This is a creative group! We sat around the table for a couple of hours, laughing and joking, admiring – or making fun of – the various eggs created. It reaaly is a fun time.

We pretend this is for the little kids, but the reality is the adults have more fun than the kids do. I wonder what strange decorating kits will be available next year?!?