It’s just like the old Grateful Dead song, Cold Rain and Snow… After a couple of days of toying with us, Mother Nature is back with a chilling vengeance. I decided dinner tonight had to suit the season, so into the freezer for more of that sausage I’ve been stockpiling.

I had about 3/4 pound of Spanish chorizo, so I quartered and chopped the links and into the pot they went. I chopped a medium onion and 2 Italian peppers and then added a couple of cloves of garlic. I let it all brown nicely, then added some smoked paprika and some Spanish paprika, a bit of salt and black pepper and cooked the spices a bit.

I then added a can of diced tomatoes with their juice and a can of tomato sauce. I let it all simmer while I made a pot of brown rice, and voila! Dinner was served!

It definitely took the chill out of the evening.

Now to see if we really do get the 4″ of snow they’re forecasting….

I am sooooo ready for Spring!