I got on the scale this morning. While I won’t bore you with the actual number, let us just say that there was a “2” involved. It is my (not so humble) opinion that seeing a “2” as the first number on a scale is not a good thing – especially if you’re a mere 6’ tall. Actually, that “2” has been there for a while… and another “2” is getting closer every day. Too close.

I’ve always been a bit overweight – except, of course, during the ‘70s… I weighed less than 150 pounds when I came back from Southeast Asia in 1973. Naturally, illicit substances were the cause of that. And through the ‘70s, the 165 lbs was maintained by a steady diet of hard work, Bombay martinis, disco dancing, and lovely white powder. That is what youth is all about.

At some point, I left youth behind me. And the pounds started to slowly arrive. Oh, they’re clever, those pounds. They don’t just show up one day and say “Look! You’ve gained 50 pounds!” No… they s-l-o-w-l-y drop by. Too slowly to notice right away, and too slowly to think about doing anything about them. And then one day, you get on a scale and see a “2.”

It’s time to do something about them. My real problem with food is that I just eat too much. Portions are too big. I cook like I’m still in the Navy – for two of us! Hell – at any given moment half the neighborhood could drop in unexpectedly for dinner – and everyone would go way full. I cook like I’m still in the restaurant business, expecting 300 patrons to come in and order the Veal Marsala. Did I mention portion control?!?

It doesn’t help that I’m surrounded by food all day, either. A bite here and a bite there translates into a pound here, and a pound there.

Because portion size is my real enemy, we actually took a look at Nutri-Systems online today. They’re all about portion size. And microwave ovens. And little plastic trays. They have a special “Men’s Program” that states “Hey guys, let’s be honest. A man wants to eat real food – hot dogs, burgers, pizza and lasagna. You know, man food, big taste, hearty portions.” Right off the bat I knew I was in trouble. But… I decided I’d look over the menu, at least and see what they had to offer for $326 dollars for 28 days worth of food.

While many of the items looked reasonably good, ingredient-wise , I kept reading ingredients and maltitol, sorbitol, isomalt, high fructose corn syrup and/or partially hydrogenated fat were just too prevalent for me. I don’t eat a lot of prepared food in the first place, and I just don’t see putting all of this stuff into my body when the purpose of losing weight in the first place is to get healthier. We decided that perhaps, this wasn’t the right way to go.

Back to portion size. Back to finding alternatives to that cake, pie, or ice cream that is always in the house.
It’s time to see “1” again.