No, I haven’t stopped cooking. I haven’t stopped eating, either. I just haven’t been making the time to write about it. Just busybusybusy.

That’s the problem with doing something like this. One starts it when one has alllll the time in the world – and then the world decides to catch up.

Our friend Paige is in town right now – I’m doing a website for her – and we’re spending an inordinate amount of time in front of the computer checking, rechecking, editing, tweaking… all of the things that one must do if the site is going to look right. (Just published! We’re all eating well, too! Man (or woman) does not live by website, alone. I do have my priorities slightly in order – at least when it comes to eating…

Wednesday night we started off with a Saga brie baked with Apple/Cranberry chutney and almonds. Yum. I roasted a chicken (picked up at the Lancaster Farmer’s Market) stuffed with a fig and walnut dressing. Smashed potatoes, brussel’s sprouts, a lovely mixed salad with cranberry stilton and pumpkin dressing – a take on a salad we’ve been making at work for the past few years…

We also had fresh apple dumplins – but were too full to eat them!

Thursday night was chicken soup. I had that lovely carcass from the night before… Handfuls of everything, from brown rice to wild rice, fresh lima beans, celery, carrots… all the fun stuff! Tres bueno! And those delicious apple dumplings were the perfect dessert!

And nary a leftover…..