It’s Spring, it’s warm outside, it’s time for eating a bit lighter! With temps hitting the high 70’s yesterday, it was obviously another “grill dinner.” I love grilled foods – and one can grill just about anything! The grill is still looking good from the major cleaning I gave it the other day, too! (Who knows, if I play my cards right and actually CLEAN it on a regular basis… well… no promises…)

ANYWAY….. Into the freezer I went to see what delectable delights awaited me. I was greeted with the usual array of chicken, beef, pork – and a great-looking piece of red snapper. Dinner solved.

I did a ‘counter-thaw.’ You know, the kind everyone warns against. (I am such a rebel!) and then squeezed a lemon on top and sprinkled with a bit of dill. Onto the hot grill, skin side down. It cooked fairly quick for a fairly thick piece of fish. During the last few seconds, I flipped it over to get a bit of grill marking on the flesh.

It was really quick and easy! I grilled up some red potateoes in the grill basket (added olive oil, garlic, S&P) and had steamed broccoli on the side. Added a piece of grilled garlic bread, and voila! Dinner!

Simplicity of flavors, here. Nothing over-powering, nothing complicated. No 450 ingredients/exotic herbs and spices only available by special order from Madagascar….. Simple additions to let the natural flavors of the food come through.

That’s not to say that I don’t or won’t do those 450 ingredient dishes – I definitely do! But ofttimes the best cooking is simple cooking. And simple cooking doesn’t have to equate boring cooking.

Tonight is chicken breast of some sort. (Thawing properly in the fridge, ‘cuz I thought about it yesterday!) Hmmm… maybe Mexican…..