I’m a bit of a Mexican Food snob. I admit it. I grew up with tamale parlors, taqueria’s and burrito joints within walking distance (I’m old… kids used to walk.) Anyway… since moving east, I just haven’t found the local Mexican restaurant… There is one that’s okay in the shopping center where i work, but it’s not the stuff of memory. It’s’s too “east coast” watered down. By default, I tend to make my own. Nothing fancy, but not taco-shells-out-of-a-box, either. The internet is great for getting spices, and I usually pick up something when I’m home. Scratch cooking is good cooking, I always say…..

That being said… TJ’s has had a few Mexican-inspired sauces come and go over the years, and a new one just arrived! And I LIKE IT! A LOT!! I made a really easy beef filling tonight using it…

I took a pound of stew meat and a bottle of sauce. Put it in a pot with a lid and let it simmer for about 2 hours. The meat was tender and tasty. It had a great flavor and was very reminiscent of “Gordo’s” in San Francisco on 9th Avenue… (a favorite burrito place!!)

But this wasn’t burrito night. It wasn’t exactly ‘taco’ night, either… After stewing the beef, i made rice with chopped green chiles and chipotle chile powder, refried black beans, fried corn and flour tortillas, avocado, grated a couple of cheeses (Monterey jack and cheddar) chopped a tomato, added a bit of salsa, and called it good!

I ate too much, but my stomach is smiling…..