Some people see a clean kitchen as a thing that should not be touched. I see a clean kitchen as a blank slate for creating a mess.

Well… not really, but, I do seem to have a bit of an untidy streak when it comes to cooking! It’s not that I go out of my way to make a mess, but, I also don’t go out of my way to stop everything if some four goes flying or something drips where it shouldn’t. I figure I’ll just get to it later. Have to keep the creative juices flowing, and all that. Besides, the puppy needs her treats, too!

That being said, I cannot begin working in a dirty or messy kitchen. It needs to be clean and organized. The sink needs to be clean and empty. The dishwasher has to have room in it… Counters clean. All the normal stuff. Fortunately, I never have to worry about a dirty kitchen – Victor takes care of cleaning it! Oh, I almost-semi-kinda-clean up after myself, but Victor is the King of Clean! We have a relationship made in gastronomic heaven!


Tonight I started out with pork chops. Awhile back I had bought two pork loins and cut them into chops m’self. (I think it was something like 2 bucks a pound cheaper for the whole loin than the chops. I have a knife – I’ll save the extra 20 dollars and cut them myself!)

I also had a hankerin’ for scalloped potatoes. Cheesy scalloped potatoes. Au Gratin cheesey scalloped potatoes. Peeled 2 potatoes and sliced thin. Sauteed 1 smallish onion in butter with a handful of diced prosciutto that was in the freezer. added some flour, milk, garlic, and a bit of S&P, and into a buttered casserole dish. I topped them with buttered cracker crumbs that I mixed a bit of garlic powder, and S&P. 350 for an hour.

Meanwhile, I cleaned up a bunch of broccoli rabe. Rinsed well, and into a saute pan with butter and olive oil, fresh garlic, S&P. Cooked it all down.

Grilled the chops, plated the broccoli rabe, placed a chop on top, added the potatoes, and yum, yum! Dinner was good!

The casserole will need to soak for a week or so, but otherwise – only 1 pan dirtied!

And later on, there’s homemade bread pudding! (Made with the last of the Portuguese Bread!)

Life is good – and the kitchen is all clean. Ready for my next adventure!