Okay, I admit it. I’m a food junkie. An ingredient junkie. I just can’t seem to get enough. There are just so many things out there, and so little time to make everything I want to make. That doesn’t mean I stop, though! And sometimes fate has a way of stepping in and sending me off to new and exciting places.

Case in point… I received a phone call at work the other day asking about a particular Greek Salad recipe we had made. It was a busy day, I was trying to cook food, answer customer questions, and talk on the phone. I didn’t recall the recipe off the top of my head, so I mentioned the website. All our Demo recipes are there. Search for ingredient, and all is good.

When I got home that evening, I had an email from the woman saying she couldn’t find the recipe on the site. It seems the dressing she was using came from another store! not unusual for us. Folks shop at several different stores, and, like me, often confuse one from nother. I sent her back an email with the sad news that we didn’t have her recipe, but I did offer to call around to a couple of the local stores and see if I could locate it. it sounded really good.

Received a lovely email back. She had remembered where she had originally bought the product. As a ‘thank you’ she sent me a link to one of her favorite places “SoupBase.com”!


Now, I must admit I don’t use bases. They’re usually nothing but salt-and-chemicals, and if I want that, I can use bouillon cubes. {{{shudder}}} But Soupbase sells Minor’s products, and Minor’s are some of the better bases on the market. I’ve used them in the past, and appreciated the no MSG, lower sodium versions, etc. And they do have a pretty rich flavor, for a base. So… One container of Clam base, cie vous plait!

While perusing the site, I also noticed BakeWell Cream! I haven’t seen that in 25 yerars! It’s like a baking powder without the baking soda. You can use as you would baking powder, but add soda to each batch of baked goods. It made a pretty good biscuit, if I recall correctly. Add one can.


And then I noticed Melipone Mexican Vanilla. Now, I *really* like vanilla. The vanilla blurb on the website stated “Melipone Mexican Vanilla is an authentic half-century old Mexican formulation that is made in New Orleans by Chef Reginald. It is named after the Mexican Melipone bee which pollinates the vanilla orchid. In Mexico, as in other warm climates, consumers demand more vanilla flavor intensity. This concentrated vanilla is 3 to 4 times stronger than ordinary vanilla and has a full-bodied, rich and creamy taste. Its unique formulation has a distinctive and delicious flavor and aroma which is retained at high baking temperatures as well as at the sub-zero temperatures of ice creams. It is especially delicious when added to coffee, milk, and other beverages. Add one to the shopping cart, please…

This was on Wednesday. Today, I get home after a birthday party for a friend, and what’s awaiting me on the front porch?!? My shipment! Talk about fast and efficient! And what’s really cool, is there is a cook booklet of recipes fror each of the items I purchased! There must be 60 recipes using the Bakewell Cream, and 40 or more using the Clam base! Plus a newsletter, and all sorts of other goodies!

The company has a lot of stuff I don’t think I’d really be interested in, only because I make my sauces and gravies from scratch, but they also have a lot of things that really are fun and unique. And if prompt and friendly service means anything, then SoupBase.com is your place to shop. I know I’ll be visiting them, again.