20060223-chowderHeavy fog, rain, ice, and blazing sun. I had originally planned to make a stuffed chicken breast tonight, but the weather screamed soup, so… time to break out the clam base! It’s such a pleasure to have a well-stocked larder. I had all the ingredients I needed, so out came the pot and to work I went.

I lived and worked in Boston for about 5 years and have had many versions of “New England Clam Chowder” from the thin but creamy fish chowder at the No-Name Restaurant to the thick chowder served at Legal Seafoods. (Boy, I just checked out their website – they’re getting fancy…) But I digress… We made it at The Hyatt, we made it at The Charles… You really can’t go anywhere without seeing it on a menu. Some great, others merely okay.

Now, I know I should have boiled down my clam shells, and all, but I just bought my Clam Base and just had to use it. I sauteed 1/4 lb chopped bacon with a cup of diced onion and a cup of diced celery. When it was looking right I added about a half cup of flour and mixed it all in a bit. Next was 3 cups of water and 2tbsp of the aforementioned Clam Base, 2 cans of minced clams, and a couple of turns of pepper. I let it thicken up then added a quart of half and half, and 4 diced potatoes. Let it simmer until the potatoes were done, and voila! Rich, creamy, and full of clam flavor! That base is damn good!


Dessert is going to be a Chocolate Pudding Cake. But I have to wait for a while. I’m stuffed…..