Ah… lunchtime. My favorite meal after Breakfast, Dinner, and Snacks!

It’s fun being home at lunchtime. Sandwiches are so much fun to create. Let’s face it – you can put just about anything between two slices of bread – and if you’re creative with the bread, well… the possibilities are endless!

Today it was a simple tuna sandwich on focaccia… Okay – not all that simple, but it was quick and easy to make, and it left me thinking of even more possibilities in the future.

I took a round of focaccia and cut it in half. (Put the other half away for another day, another time…) Then I toasted it in the broiler.


I made a quick tuna salad with Genova Tonno – Tuna in Olive Oil. Just for the record, I don’t eat tuna in “spring water.” Water dilutes the taste of the tuna. Make’s it flat and unappetizing. Olive oil enriches the flavor, making for a decidely delicious tuna. Calorie-wise, you drain off the excess oil, anyway, so it’s not all that much difference – but it’s a world of difference in taste!

Back to the sandwich…

I added a bit of mayonnaise, diced celery, onion, and pickle, S&P. Spread it on the bottom slice of focaccia. Then went thinly sliced tomato. Then thinly sliced avocado. Then alfalfa sprouts. Topped with the focaccia.

Half of the focaccia made two generous sandwiches, and with a handful of potato chips and a mug of tea, it was the perfect lunch!