So we finally decided to paint the guest room – and move into it! Not a really big deal, other than the fact that we both hate to paint. But… change is good.

I mention this because, well… that’s what kept me from going grocery shopping. And our quick trek to Boston messed up my normal shopping routine…

The nice thing about being a food fanatic, is there is always something to eat in the house! It may take a bit of imagination, but we could easily go a week or two before actually running out of things! So, it was off to the freezer for something quick.

A quick perusal of the freezer and out came a pack of Murray’s chicken breasts (these, and the chicken at the Lancaster farmer’s market are the only ones I buy!) and a pack of corn tortillas. Tostadas Tonight!!

I cubed the chicken and fried it up with an onion… added some enchilada sauce from the fridge, and let it simmer for a few. Opened a can of refried black beans and heated. Shredded some cheese.

I fried the corn tortillas until nice and crisp, spread on some beans, added the chicken, and topped it all off with the cheese.

It was dinner in under 10 minutes – and then back to painting. Life is good…..