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Aunt Dolores’ Rum Balls


I FINALLY got the Rum Balls made! These are by far the best Rum Balls this side of heaven! While Auntie’s original recipe called for rolling in powdered sugar, a few years ago, we started dipping them in chocolate to create a rum ball truffle. They are worth every calorie and/or DUI you may get!

This is her original recipe. Even though I have it memorized, I bring it out every time I make them and ask her for help in making sure they come out right. She hasn’t failed me, yet! I use Meyers Rum.

Thanks, Auntie!!

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    Mary Ann in Chattanooga
    December 16, 2006

    Tim, I just tried out this recipe and these rum balls are out of this world. Best I've ever had. Thank you so much for sharing. Happy Holidays!!

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    December 16, 2006

    Thanks, Mary Ann! We just made the 2006 batch!

    Our 10 year old nephew is here learning the "Family Cookie Recipes" and we're having a blast with him!

    THIS Is the true meaning of Christmas!

    Happy Holidays to you and yours!

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