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How Many Pots…

We play a fun game in the kitchen… It’s “How Many Pots Can You Dirty Making Dinner?” Victor is king of the one-pot meals, while I seem to be able to dirty half the kitchen – even if it’s just a simple dinner. What can I say?!? I’m gifted that way!

And while we both like the same foods, our style of cooking is decidedly different. Victor is often more adventurous and will spend more time making something. I’m a throw-it-in-the-pot-and-see-what-comes-out kinda guy. I want it ready by the time the rice is cooked. (Not that I won’t spend the time to do something fun or different, but on a school night, it’s usually something simple.)

He leans toward Red Sauce/Italian, and I’m a bit more clean out the refrigerator stirfry or soup. So tonight I worked until 7pm, and when I came home, I was greeted by a most wonderful aroma wafting through the house. Victor had a chicken noodle casserole in the oven, and hunks of garlic bread were waiting to go in…

Under normal circumstances this wouldn’t be unusual, except, Victor’s never made a casserole in his life! Oh, he can make a baked ziti that could bring tears to your eyes, and lasagne, and any number of other fantastic Italian-inspired dishes, but a chicken and noodle casserole? Not part of the repertoire. Those are the things I do…

But he did it tonight, with some of the aforementioned chicken and broth from that ol’ stewing hen! Succulent pieces of chicken, celery and carrots, lots of peas and mushrooms… Extra-wide egg noodles from the local noodle company in Lancaster County… And the most delicate sauce… It was heaven! The count was four pots and two baking sheets – plus the casserole dish for dinner! Five pots if you count the stock pot that the chicken stock was in in the fridge.

Victor won this round… but Thanksgiving is coming up!

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