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We have recipes from family reunions, heart-healthy from the ’90s, artery-clogging from the ’60’s, rustic breads, gooey desserts, hundreds of recipes from friends and family, quick and easy ideas, and whatever we decided to pull together for dinner.
Eclectic, to say the least.

And eclectic really does sum up what it’s all about – fun food for fun people with something for any occasion.

Peruse the site and have some fun! There are several thousand recipes just waiting for you!

Chicken Stew

We have a Freeze Warning, tonight. It’s April 19th. I am not amused. I don’t mind the rain, I don’t mind the overcast or clouds. I’m really tired of the cold, though. Dank, penetrating cold that seeps into your entire being. And have I mentioned the wind? ...

Pork Chops Milanese alla Victor

I brought home a couple of pretty nice bone-in pork chops, yesterday. I was thinking a Pork Chop Milanese-style dish was in order. We’ve been through the chicken and beef rut a few times – it was time for something new. I called home at lunch, and the first thing Vict...

The Weekend Food Fest

It doesn’t get much better than having dear friends over for the weekend – especially when said friends are as enthusiastic about food as we are about cooking it. Definitely a friendship made in heaven! Ann and Julie drove down from Rochester, taking a couple of days ...

Guinness Rye Bread

I went searching for a yeasted Guinness bread since I had this six-pack of Guinness and had a hellava time finding a decent recipe. Just about everything coming up in Chef Google was a soda bread – even after specifically stating yeast. The few that were yeast were more fru...

Irish Whiskey Oatmeal Cookies

It’s a week before St Patrick’s Day – the Irish-American holiday that has finally become a celebration in Ireland. Time to break out the Guinness and Red Breast. I’m Irish – or, at least, 65% Irish and British from my 23 and Me analysis. The rest is ...

Ghosts of Christmases Past

One of my Christmas Traditions every year is to read A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens. I love the book, love the story, and love the many movie incarnations. Growing up, we had the  30 volume Complete Works of Dickens and I read A Christmas Carol as a young tyke but the defi...

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