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We have recipes from family reunions, heart-healthy from the ’90s, artery-clogging from the ’60’s, rustic breads, gooey desserts, hundreds of recipes from friends and family, quick and easy ideas, and whatever we decided to pull together for dinner.
Eclectic, to say the least.

And eclectic really does sum up what it’s all about – fun food for fun people with something for any occasion.

Peruse the site and have some fun! There are several thousand recipes just waiting for you!

Involtini di Sogliola al Limone

I have learned so much from watching cooking shows on PBS. Back in a former lifetime where I worked a Monday-Friday job, we would turn on the cooking shows on KQED and have them going all day long as we did chores or whatever. I have a ragged copy of The French Chef, numerous boo...

Friday Frittata

Victor is practicing for retirement. It’s three weeks away. We’re both psyched – although he’s a tad more psyched than me. I have 14 months to go. One of his retirement plans is to spend more time in the kitchen. I’ve always done more of the cooking ...

Mafaldine and Semelle

We just had a quiet dinner at home. Nonna is off with her eldest son, so it was time to break out the long noodles and bake some bread. Nonna’s no longer a fan of noodles – spaghetti, linguine, pappardelle – so we don’t have them as often as we used to. To...

Focaccia Genovese

While I was working, Saturday, Victor was cooking – shades of what retirement is going to be like in a couple of weeks! We’re both looking forward to this. As much as I like to cook, it will be nice not having that “5 o’clock” deadline looming when ...

Pumpkin Pie

I mentioned in the post that the Ricetta Maiorchino I made the other night was on the dry side. It was fine a few hours after coming out of the oven, but yesterday morning, it was Gobi Desert Dry. It still had a good flavor, but it was seriously suck-the-moisture-out-of-your-mou...

Prime Rib and the Ghosts of Christmas’ Past

The quiet day turned into a quiet night. And a really great dinner. And a great dessert. Prime Rib. Not something I buy often. Nor anything I cook often. Lord knows I cooked enough of them in my early Hyatt days, but not so much, anymore. Granted, it’s one of the easiest pi...


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