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We have recipes from family reunions, heart-healthy from the ’90s, artery-clogging from the ’60’s, rustic breads, gooey desserts, hundreds of recipes from friends and family, quick and easy ideas, and whatever we decided to pull together for dinner.
Eclectic, to say the least.

And eclectic really does sum up what it’s all about – fun food for fun people with something for any occasion.

Peruse the site and have some fun! There are several thousand recipes just waiting for you!

Risotto with Lagostino



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Scandinavian Apple Cake

Halloween has certainly changed since the days of my youth. As a little kid, we’d hit the neighborhood with our brown bags. Later, we transitioned to pillow cases. There were 50 houses per block – 25 on each side – and the majority of them handed out something. ...


The Day Before The Holiday

The only thing better than a holiday is celebrating the day before while the weather is still good. And we had some great weather, today. We headed all the way to Berwyn. We sucked it up, got Nonna into the car, checked the traffic report, and started our trek. Three miles, door...


Canning Little Grandma’s Eggplant Appetizer

Mother Nature is smiling down on us because one eggplant plant is producing eggplant for the world! It’s just unbelievable. It’s going bonkers. Talk about a perfect location. We’ve been giving them to neighbors as fast as we can, but yesterday Victor went out an...


Leaving Modica, Sicily, May 31, 2014

One year ago, today, we were boarding a plane in Catania to Rome. It was the end of two glorious weeks in Sicily at The Villa Modica. It was tough leaving. Really tough. We had more fun than six people should be allowed to have. We’ve thought of the place often since we re...


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