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  • New Year’s Eve 2011

    2011.  It’s hard to grasp. I remember as a little kid figuring how old I was going to be in the year 2000.  Not just old.  Ancient.  I couldn’t quite fathom being almost as old as my grandparents. And here it is, 11 years after that. I do know that that little boy in San […]

  • Chicken and Cranberries

    While shopping yesterday I picked up a bag of fresh cranberries.  It seems a bit late in the season for cranberries to still be so plentiful.  I don’t know if I just haven’t been paying attention or I’m noticing them more because everything else is looking so bad.  Weather in Florida and California is really […]

  • Ham Steaks and Potatoes

    Early in my hotel career, I worked with an Executive Chef named Peter Koenig at the Hyatt Lake Tahoe.  Peter initially hired me as a cook at the gourmet restaurant Hugos Rotisserie on the lake, and then brought me up to the main hotel restaurant.   Peter was an exacting and demanding chef – but not […]

  • Filet Mignon Roast with Sauce Béarnaise

    Ah…  the joys of Gift Cards… Victor’s mom got us a gift card for Christmas so I thought I would exchange it for a ridiculously-expensive piece of meat.  A seasoned filet mignon roast.  I mean…  why not?!?  I think the whole concept of gift cards is to buy something you would not normally buy yourself, […]

  • Monday Monday

    The Blizzard of 2010 kept me indoors today.  Not that we had a blizzard at our house.  Maybe 6″ of snow.  Maybe. But it was enough to keep me from wanting to go out and deal with all the morons who like to drive like it’s mid-July.  We could have gone shopping and we could […]

  • Beef ‘n Biscuits

    It’s still snowing outside.  I don’t quite see the 8″-12″ they’re predicting, though.  Right now it looks like a bit of a bust at our house.  Bummer.  But it’s put me in winter cooking mode nonetheless. Tonight was Beef ‘n Biscuits. A simple beef stew with a biscuit topping. There’s no real recipe to this.  […]

  • Caffe Vergnano 1882

    The weather outside is getting frightful.  Time for a cup of coffee. But not just any ol’ coffee…  We’re having a pot of Caffe Vergnano 1882 Crystal.   From a nice half-kilo bag. Victor’s nephew, Nick,  got it for us from Eataly in NYC along with a bottle of Frantoio Lucchi & Guastalli Terra di Tramontana […]

  • Lentil Soup

    The snow has finally started to fall.  The Blizzard of 2010 has officially begun.  We have our fully-charged phones, Kindles, and battery-powered radio.  If the power goes out, we’re ready. And we’re ready in the kitchen, too.  Blizzards mean soup, right?!?  And a loaf of homemade bread. The beauty of having a well-stocked larder is […]

  • Christmas Eve 2010

    ‘Tis the Season! We’ve been here about 18 hours and have been eating for most of them!  If I can’t be home in San Francisco with all my family, North Jersey and Victor’s family is not a bad second. Tradition here is Christmas Eve Feast of the Seven Fishes – Festa dei Sette Pesci.   The […]

  • Beef and Mushrooms

    Merry Christmas Eve Eve. It’s been a pretty rough past few days.  Retail and The Holidays are nothing short of insane.  It’s good to be home. I hadn’t pulled anything out of the freezer and as I was rummaging, Victor suggested we just head down to the diner.  I decided I would rather cook than […]