• Fruit Cake

    Fruit Cake

    The traditional store-bought canned fruitcake is the scourge of the universe, the butt of many jokes, but a homemade fruitcake is downright delicious!  My father’s mother made a great fruitcake, but I never did see that recipe.  In my own baking, I’ve tended to go with the white fruitcakses, such as […]

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  • John Grogan and Shameless Self-Promotion

    John Grogan and Shameless Self-Promotion

    No food today – just shameless self-promotion. Both of us have always been avid ‘letters to the editor’ writers and have had scores of letters published over the years. About four years ago (former) Inquirer columnist John Grogan came across one of my letters, happened on to ourtimandvictor.com website and, […]

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  • Pomegranate Chicken

    Pomegranate Chicken

    I worked up an appetite today!  I actually went to the gym.  Yes.  Me.  A gym.  Not only did I go to a gym, I saw a personal trainer.  Yes.  Me.  A gym AND a personal trainer. I just quit smoking and decided I just didn’t want to gain 60 […]

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  • Pumpkin Done Right

    I just got home from a Pumpkin Recipe Contest at work. OMG!  I am stuffed – but more than stuffed, I am impressed! What an unbelievable collection of foods in one place!  Each employee came up with their own recipes and without prior consultation, we had no duplicates.  Each item […]

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  • Turkey Soup

    It was cold today – at least this west coast blood thought it was cold today – and cold means soup at my house! I had cooked a small turkey breast on Thursday, and with plenty of meat and a carcass, I set to work. Soups are generally ‘clean out […]

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  • Leftovers

    I think I mentioned I cooked a LOT of food this past weekend.  A lot.  Granted, we ate a lot, but there have been a few leftovers… I can handle leftovers as well as the next guy, but after a while, I just don’t want to see them anymore – at […]

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